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Breath + Pleasure  + Bliss

Tucked away in plain sight the West Village luxury studio is the backdrop for a deep dive into sensuality

Goddess of NYC


Hi, I am your classic girl next door with a naughty side. My radiant smile and knowing hands will melt away all your tension. I am a professional dancer and yoga teacher. My sensitivity, strength, natural grace and passion are infused into each session. I am especially fond of tantra and kink. I believe pleasure is a birthright of every human. Come explore the range of your ecstasy.


I am an experienced body worker and bdsm educator based out of NYC. Along with giving a good sports/deep tissue massage I specialize in Dark Tantra, which is elements of tantric practice blended with light bondage and sensory exploration realms. I would like to take you on a journey to unlock your hidden desires in a safe and trusting space. When I am not practicing the healing arts, I enjoy travel, hiking, and painting.
Love and light,


Hello There, my name is Lilah and I'm incredibly excited to meet you. Whoever said blondes have more fun... probably just hasn't met any redheads. Allow me to spoil you on a sensuous intimate journey, awakening you to new levels of pleasure and peace. My sessions are intuitive and loving, playful and stimulating- come and breathe deep, relax deeper and surrender to the ultimate luxury experience.


Hi I'm Eva,
My beautiful smile, long hair, goddess body and sexy accent will make all of your stress fade away. Get into a deeper soul connection, take a breath and feel the energy and vibe of my tantra experience.
I take a holistic health approach that I also practice in my every day life, and use in every session to make you see a reflexion of the place you dream of to be and live.


I am a rare type of goddess that has a deep knowing of sensuality, healing, touch, desire and connection. Those who visit leave in an altered state of bliss. I have range. I have experience. I have passion to play with all of your edges head to toe. My body is firm with soft porcelain skin that connects to yours as my body on body sends shivers up your spin. I am confident and tender. I am flirty and funny. I have a tall athletic yoga body. I am here to create an experience that will expand your sensual energy and take you on a ride to remember.
My Celestial session are a blend of intense body to body, edging, teasing, cuddles and erotic guided mediation
My Cuddle session is all about closeness. Being held by or holding a warm sexy goddess can be just the perfect moment for your soul when you need to deeply connect. This session can have light mutual massage, sensory play and bring in elements of Tantra and Sensual Mindfulness
My Sensual Deep session is the best of both worlds. An amazing therapeutic firm massage moves you at the core and gets you blood pumping. Get stretched out and played with all over with amazing sensual and therapeutic touch. It is a modern life remedy when you feel tight, tense, pent up or disconnected from your body.
My Tantric Healing sessions are for those looking to release blockages of the body and mind. I work with a range of issues. Widowed, sexless marriage, ID, PE, cancer treatment effected your sexual energy, medication with side effects, old trauma, bi sexual curiosity and more. Lets create a safe sacred space for you to explore and then let go of what no longer serves. 90 min session recommend.
My “Teach Me” session has you learning so many amazing tricks and ways to turn your lovers on. Who better to guide you on the road of being an erotic master than a Goddess who has spent over 10 years diving deep into sensual touch.
My assistant Madison will take care of answering questions. (917) 748-9277


Welcome to an oasis of dreams and desires; where your imagination can wander into uncharted waters abroad and beyond in my sanctuary of touch and connection to restore your vitality. Energy transference is essential, as a true Scorpio I can be both bold, fiery and fierce, or soft, sensual and seductive. Speak to my body and allow me to speak to yours.
A student of Tantra and a life long yogi, my dive into the world of eastern mystic energy is just another intense layer to my already full and exciting creativity.
Bodywork and sensuality are my life’s passion and my curves are that of a goddess. I am always inspired by those willing to surrender mind and body to my touch.
I offer a celestial body to body and a tantric embodiment experience.


It is with deep gratitude and warmth that I welcome you into my light space, as an intuitive energetic healer and wellness practitioner. I am honored to be a part of navigating your unique, intimate experience within your most divine self. Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra have inspired me to embrace the ever-flowing sacred masculine and feminine energies.
Allow yourself to be guided into a blissful meditative trance with my soft, smooth and considerate touch. With a balanced mind and heart full of love, I am excited to walk with you on a beautiful vibrant path towards your highest self!

Aside from practicing the sensual and holistic bodily arts, I adore herbs and the feel of the elements on my skin, immersing my senses. Topics like astrology, physics and sacred geometry, philosophy and humanitarianism will always stimulate my interests. Artisinal herbal teas, a compelling novel, and kundalini yoga are vital to my personal daily wellness.

In Love, Truth, and Gratitude ~ Soraya


Caring, sweet and generous, I have the ability to make you feel at home and relaxed within seconds. I invite you to let go and rejuvenate in my care.
I am petite yet strong, soothing target areas and delighting your senses with my sensual touch. I know how to care for a body, being a dancer, performer and acrobat myself, I have an intimate knowledge of how the body works and what it needs to feel delicious. My touch within a session can range from light and playful to deep tissue restorative with a skillfully seductive stretch.

My name is Madison and I am your assistant for all things sensual and holistic. My friends are passionate, tender and spicy Goddesses who love to practice the art of touch and have busy lifestyles. Let me take care of all the preliminaries.  I have a personal connection with each of the ladies and can speak to their talents from first hand experience. Drop me a line.  (917)748-9277

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Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm EST | Saturday: 11am -5pm EST | Sunday: Closed


I ask  that you arrive on time, not early, and with an open heart and mind…let your goddess  take care of the rest.  I highly suggest not eating or consuming alcohol  1-2 hours before your  session. While tipping is not obligated in the spa and wellness industry, gratuities are always appreciated.  Standard tipping is 10-20%


Monday – Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday: 12-7pm
Sunday: Advanced Requests Only