On the Road

Detorit MI Summer / Fall 2022

The Madison Effect

The Madison Collective is an  of independent group of practitioners who are passionate to work with you one-on-one, paying close attention to the needs of your uniqueness. Escaping for an hour may not change the circumstances around you, however, it can profoundly shift your perspective; enabling you to approach the world from a place of balance, clarity, patience and positivity.

We are the The Madison Collective, a group of souls who are naturally explorative and aim to share our holistic sensual mindfulness philosophy with those curious. Keep updated of where we might see you next via our Instagram page or Email  us to be on our exclusive touring mailing list. Audrey will be in Detorit July 2022! More new to follow soon…

Sensual Massage
Guided Meditation
Sacred Spot
Pleasure Mindfulness
Thai Yoga
Women’s Sessions
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