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Lilah Visiting Feb 8/12/13

My name is Madison and I am your assistant for all things sensual and holistic. My friends are passionate, tender and spicy Goddesses who love to practice the art of touch and have busy lifestyles. Let me take care of all the preliminaries.  I have a personal connection with each of the ladies and can speak to their talents from first hand experience. Drop me a line.  (917)748-9277


NOLA is filled with a sensual  life force that runs through this city like a river. Whether you are visiting or a local, there comes a moment when tapping into that river feel right and I can help you along the way .  The Goddesses of NOLA have teamed up and share an upscale, ultra clean, private studio in Central Business District with easy parking, walk in shower, fresh linens, in an upscale zen setting.

Sensual Bodywork
Chakra Balancing
Guided Meditation
Sensual Domination
Women’s Sessions
Extending Energy
Couples Sessions




Visiting Feb 8th, 12th, 13th only
My name is Lilah and I am old world Hollywood charm mixed with modern city girl flare. I am beautiful, sexy smart and an amazing conversationalist. Like old world Hollywood, when I connect it’s with glamour and seduction. I am in love with the sensual arts and find it merges well with my Yoga practice helping me stay present and sensual while exploring pleasure. Join me for a moment while I visit my favorite southern city.. NOLA is my home away from home.


Hello NOLA. My name is Sandy Cygnet. I am a playful + curvy brunette from NYC sure to engage and stimulate all your senses.

My skilled background ranges from soft sensual kinky play and the art of seduction and domination. As you eagerly relinquish control of your stress and inhibitions I am here watching, teasing, directing and playing. My magnetic energy and gentle sensual style will feed your hidden desires and breathe new life into your body and soul.
I offers 3 style of session for 60 or 90 mins

Classic Sensual Massage
A head to toe bliss, a soft Swedish style teasing session

Celestial Sensuality
A mix of sensual bodywork with Add Ons-
Scared Spot, Kink, Body to Body, Edging

Sensual Domination
Inspired by BDSM this session is a domination, tease/denial style that can be curated to your specific desires
There is a full focus on the use of restraints, sensory deprivation and other surprising playful elements.

If you are Newbie to this work let me hold your hand. If you have experience lets work out a play date and have some fun.

My assistant Madison will answer any questions as she has first hand knowledge of all my sills. Let her set up the preliminaries and leaving all the playing to you and me…

Angelina- Visiting

My name is Angelina and I am a world traveller - never in one spot for too long. New Orleans is one of my homes and love spend at least part of the year in these old street. When I am not here I am traveling the globe as a Fire Dance performer. I am playful and seductive. I am open hearted and creative. A session with me gives you room to explore your edges while feeling relaxed and comfortable to be your self. I am present with you, gazing deeply into your eyes, allowing it to be just you and me in a moment of connection. My green eyes and pin up figure will hypnotize and charm you, while my teasing feather touch brings you unforgettable pleasure. With my petite frame, soft skin and lushes curves, I am a powerful feminine presence that come in a small package.


My name is Sasha Saintess and I am excited to me you. Let’s see where the world of sensual connection takes us. Drop a line to my darling assistant to see when I am in my studio next. (917)748-9277.

Here is a little more about me.

Native to the North East, I made my way south in 2019 and decided to call NOLA home. Once I started to feel the pulse of NOLA I found myself curious about the sensual arts. In spring 2020 I jumped and crafted by style in the form of a blissful hour sensual massage. My slow and seductive nature is best suited for those looking to surrender. I am naturally confident, playful, open and love to play with dark desires and kink. My sensual touch is rhythmic and will put you right into the zone of bliss. This is your opportunity to let an excited newbie with soft brown skin and sexy voice play with your edges.

Sam- Visiting

HI NOLA I will be visiting in March for a few weeks. Dates coming soon.

My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I am excited to be in NOLA this spring and offer up my Sensual Thai Yoga stretching experience.. so allow your body to be moved.. played with.. stretched.. breathed and opened, all while being teased to your edges! My acrobatic yoga practice keeps me in top shape and gives me the skills to glide though out the session in rhythm with your beat. I am an all natural beauty with a sweet curiosity for how you tick and what turns you on. Join me.. whisper in my ear and we can go places!

With all my travel I find it best to have my assistant take care of all the boring details and leave the candle light moments to you and me. Madison will answer any question and get you set.
Looking forward to meeting you.

x Sam


I am a rare type of goddess that has a deep knowing of sensuality, healing, touch, desire and connection. Those who visit leave in an altered state of bliss. I have range. I have experience. I have passion to play with all of your edges head to toe. My body is firm with soft porcelain skin that connects to yours as my body on body sends shivers up your spin. I am confident and tender. I am flirty and funny. I have a tall athletic yoga body. I am here to create an experience that will expand your sensual energy and take you on a ride to remember.

My Celestial session are a blend of intense body to body, edging, teasing, cuddles and erotic guided mediation

My Cuddle session is all about closeness. Being held by or holding a warm sexy goddess can be just the perfect moment for your soul when you need to deeply connect. This session can have light mutual massage, sensory play and bring in elements of Tantra and Sensual Mindfulness

My Sensual Deep session is the best of both worlds. An amazing therapeutic firm massage moves you at the core and gets you blood pumping. Get stretched out and played with all over with amazing sensual and therapeutic touch. It is a modern life remedy when you feel tight, tense, pent up or disconnected from your body.

My Tantric Healing sessions are for those looking to release blockages of the body and mind. I work with a range of issues. Widowed, sexless marriage, ID, PE, cancer treatment effected your sexual energy, medication with side effects, old trauma, bi sexual curiosity and more. Lets create a safe sacred space for you to explore and then let go of what no longer serves. 90 min session recommend.

My “Teach Me” session has you learning so many amazing tricks and ways to turn your lovers on. Who better to guide you on the road of being an erotic master than a Goddess who has spent over 10 years diving deep into sensual touch.

My assistant Madison will take care of answering questions. (917) 748-9277
Or email me direct

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Lilah- Visiting!








Lilah- Visiting!


Lilah- Visiting!


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Gratuities are not obligatory however in the wellness industry tips of 10-20% are standard and appreciated. Once you set your time and date to meet you goddess I ask you arrive on time, not early and with an open heart and mind.

I will do my best with last minute requests. Booking a few hours or a day  in advance is always recommended for those on a tight schedule   I highly suggest making a future request for Goddesses visiting as they are often in high demand.  If you when interested in Sunday sessions I can book that in advance as well.

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