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The city’s only upscale studio space welcoming those ready and curious to explore the sensual arts through all of your senses. Our new modern studio is in the heart of downtown set as a clean luxury space for you to let go and experience pleasure.

Note! We have a new studio booking contact number.

The Madison Effect
Madison Holistic is a collective of independent sensual arts practitioners who are passionate about working one-on-one with you, paying close attention to the needs of your uniqueness.  The Madison Ladies can create a moment for your body & soul to restore, rejuvenate, expand and connect to your all things inspiring. Escaping for an hour may not change the circumstance around your however it can profoundly shift your perspective on the situations in your life; enabling you to approach the world from a place of balance and positivity.  
The Madison NOLA collective strives to visit the Mobile, AL studio 2-3 times a month.  We have been away for a few months while we renovated and worked on our new studio space. Take a look at  the Calendar to see when we are next available. The studio is safe,  private, clean and upscale with shower facilities and fresh linens. Join our Mobile mailing list to get a private advance notification of our arrival by sending us a message to We also have a new studio booking line.. send us an email to get our new contact info so you can call or text to book!
Guided Meditation
Essential Oil
Extending Energy
Couples Sessions
Energy Work
Women’s Sessions


Visiting July 30/31st - Lexi is a open book. When encountering Lexi you will feel her calm and instantly feel comfortable. She is a free-spirit with a warm heart which makes her easy to talk to and a pleasure to spend time with. She has a dancers body which she maintains by going rock climbing, hiking and nature adventures. This playful pixie loves the outdoors and traveling! Her sessions include Swedish, body to body, teasing touch and heart to heart connection. Give her an hour and she will guide you to a place of pure serenity.


To contact Leigh about her next visit drop her a line at She specialize in Classic Bodywork and Sensual Domination. Leigh is a visits Mobile about every 2 months so if you see her on the calendar we highly recommend booking.


Sandy is a playful bombshell from NYC sure to engage and stimulate all your senses.
Her skilled background in bdsm and the art of seduction will transport you to a state of deep relaxation as you eagerly relinquish control of your stress and inhibitions. Her magnetic energy and gentle sensual touch will feed your hidden desires and breathe new life into your body and soul.
She offers two types of sessions- 1 hr or 90 min light touch sensual bodywork session with lightly weaving elements of kink and play -OR- her Sensual Domination (S.D.) inspired BDSM, domination, tease/denial and Bondassage. For her S.D. sessions there is a full focus on the use of restraints, sensory deprivation and other surprising playful elements. She can easily customize her S.D. sessions for either beginners or experience folks.
It is required to specifically mention your desire for a S.D. Session when booking. Different rates apply.


Marisa is an intuitive healer with a vivacious, warm presence. With a background in dance, Marisa uses engages her whole body in her quest to send you into erotic bliss.

Her stunning green eyes and pin up figure will hypnotize and charm you, while her grounding, earthy massage grounds melts away your stresses and plunges you into unforgettable pleasure. You can reach her at to find out more and set up your next booking.


Making a rare appearance in Mobile, AL. April 7-9th only!

There is touch and then there is touch that is electric. There is a pulse and then there is an erotic pulse. There is teasing and then there is they type of teasing that brings you out of your body into new realms. When working with Sierra you definitely working with an electric erotic pulse that will tease you to new realms. A true Scorpio she can be soft and fiery, she can be slow and vigorous. A student of Tantra and life long Yogi her dive into the world of eastern mystic energy is just another intense layer to her already full and exciting creativity. Bodywork and sensuality are her life’s passion. Her curves are that of a goddess. She is devoted and inspired by those who surrender to her touch. She specializes in Body to Body and Tantra 2hr for individuals and couples.


Audrey is a regular visitor to the Mobile studio. She is highly skilled with her 10+ year exp in the Sensual Arts. She loves offering up a combo of deep firm work with lots of Body to Body and plenty of time for cuddling and soft embrace. She tends to get booked up in advance but sometimes day of or before appointments are available.
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Lexi- Visiting
Lexi- Visiting
Jul 31 all-day
Lexi- Visiting
Visiting first time ever to Mobile.. give a warm welcome to Lexi She will start taking bookings a few days before she is set to arrive Contact
Aug 28 all-day
Sandy will be in Mobile at at our modern studio space in downtown Mobile.  To contact he in advance she can be reached at For day of appointments you...
Aug 29 all-day
Sandy will be in Mobile at at our modern studio space in downtown Mobile.  To contact he in advance she can be reached at For day of appointments you...
Aug 30 all-day
Sandy will be in Mobile at at our modern studio space in downtown Mobile.  To contact he in advance she can be reached at For day of appointments you...

Take a moment to read over our site to ensure  we are the right fit for your needs.  We would love to know your level of experience in the Sensual Arts (Newbies and experienced folk  are all welcomed!) As a first time client you  can email us to set up your first appointment.  Once set up as a VIP client we can offer your the studio number for booking with us direct. We highly suggest not eating 1-2 hours before or session or consuming alcohol.  Gratuities are not obligatory however in the spa and wellness industry tips always appreciated. We ask you arrive on time, not early  and with an open heart and mind.. we will take care of the rest. To join the mailing list that alerts you to our next visit please email

While we do take last minute appointments when available.  However we highly advise booking in advance. We open the booking line 2-3 days before arriving in Mobile. Returning clients can send a message to our studio number with their request and we will get back to you with confirmation. New Clients can email us for more information

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